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All praises are for Allah most high who has granted us the light of knowledge for our guidance. Peace and salutations on our beloved Prophet Muhammad the guiding light for mankind.

Allah most high has created us as humans and has sent us into this world so that we may recognise and worship him. For this recognition and worship Allah most high sent his honourable prophets to guide humans with the light of knowledge. May Allah, grant our elders a high status in Jannah because when they migrated to this country one of their primary concerns was to establish Masaajid and Makaatib and hence these teachings are preserved and embedded within our future generations. The children of each generation are an amaanat and trust from Allah Most High placed in the hands of parents, community leaders, Ulamaa and people in positions of authority and influence. Each individual will be accountable in the hereafter for his duties and obligations towards the preservation of these teachings.

Madrasah Islamiyah (Mount Pleasant Islamic Trust, Batley) is one of those institutions that have for the past decades facilitated and provided the core Islamic learning and values to hundreds of children and instilled the light of the prophetic guidance in their hearts.

We as a Madrasah have constantly strived to attain the highest of standards in all aspects of Madrasah teaching through constant assessment and evaluation. We have felt the need for a bespoke syllabus to teach our children various subjects in a child friendly approach with a level of English that is in accordance with their academic level. The demand for this interactive and friendly syllabus is even greater considering the times we reside in and therefore can’t be neglected as we risk to loose generations of children to the many distractions and tribulations of this time. With this imperative obligation in mind and consultation we at Madrasah Islamiyah have embarked on this journey to research, compile and print a syllabus that will meet the requirement of this time in a child friendly way. It goes without saying that this will be a long journey and will demand a lot of effort, patience and commitment. We ask of Allah Most High, for His guidance, His help and above all to bless us with sincerity in fulfilling this mighty obligation. We also ask of Him to accept this effort and to make this endeavour a means of benefiting our future generations. Aameen!

Our Mission

To nurture young Muslims to be successful learners, confident individuals, law-abiding citizens and reflective humans with focus informative, engaging and supportive curriculum and community activities.

Our Vision

To inspire young Muslims to be the versions of themselves, locally and globally, with good positive actions, strong stable belief and high noble excellence.


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